Manual to Automation – Yes together we can!!

Recently I came across one conversation in my company where my manager was sharing that there are few clients who prefer to advance with QA resources having good automation skills over manual. Expectation is neither new nor unrealistic in the era where rapid software development model is dominating the industry. Although I am very much against 100% QA automation, still agree with industry’s demand because of obvious reasons. Organisations do prefer to hire a QA resource with automation skills. And also trying to motivate existing QA resource pool to learn the automation.

Journey from Manual to Automation is not that simple, specially for QAs who are already over packed with tight timelines. Believe it or not more than 70% who opt for a corporate training, lose their interest in learning automation because of one or the other reason. In coming few articles I will try to recollect all my experience and learning to understand the problem and its possible solution…..Continue


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